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Hexcrawl Mechanics

Currently Untitled Hexcrawl Project is coming together very nicely (CHUP for short. I pronounce it like a caricature of a frat boy saying cup). I thought about running it in a number of systems, but none were perfect for my needs. CHUP is designed to have minimal to no violence, which obviously rules out a … Continue reading Hexcrawl Mechanics

Modular Hexcrawl Tiles

I’ve previously extolled the virtues of a tactile gaming experience. The only problem is that props cost money and/or time, unless you’ve already got something handy lying around. This is why I gravitate towards modular game pieces. Something I can reuse in a variety of games. I’m putting together a game, and I made a … Continue reading Modular Hexcrawl Tiles

The Bauble Goblin

The Bauble Goblin is a subset of Goblin Trash Witch. They use a form of totemic magic, imbuing an object with great spiritual power. Unlike a human practitioner, their totems are not carefully constructed pieces of cultural art, they are trash. Well, to a goblin, trash is important cultural art.  To a Bauble Goblin, the … Continue reading The Bauble Goblin


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[Blank] of the [Blank] [Blank]

DM Section Full Splash Art

A lightweight tabletop RPG that leans into random chance.

Play as dungeon delvers and adventurers with strange powers, strange looks, and even stranger friends. Play as an organic Green Wizard, a Barbarian Monk, or a Ranger with total telekinetic control over all horses. Roll up a random alignment such as Pro-Fire, Anti-Plants. Do service to the fire god and throw holy fire from your hands. Make dark deals with the plant demons for incredible powers.

Art by me (And a dozen classical painters who can do real art)

The Blog


Worldbuilding, adventure concepts, and other ideas about how to run games or write fantasy.

Art by Fahmi Fauzi

D&D 5th Edition Homebrews


A collection of all my homebrew content for D&D. Everything from pop culture magic items to house rules. Drop me a line if there’s anything specific you’d like to see.

Art by Swang

Cube Legacy

Swan Song.jpg

A magic the gathering draft experience that can be added to any set of cards you want to draft. Print, cut out, and sleeve, then draft alongside other cards, editing them permanently! With each draft, the cube changes.

Art by Peter Mohrbacher

Obscure Games With Obscure People


A podcast where we find obscure tabletop games, play a one shot with them, and then review them. Stars a rotating cast of funny people, some laden with deep RPG lore, and some fresh faced and new. Always something different happening here.

Art by Mitchell Malloy


In this free tabletop RPG, you play as famous actors creating the newest blockbuster. Deal with producer meddling, limited audition options, and the possibility (probability) of being recast midfilm! All you need is paper, playing cards, and two d6s!

Art by Lucas Films

Fusion Dance


An RPG I wrote to emulate something at the middle point of Dragon Ball Z, Steven Universe, and the Power Rangers. Too much Japanese 90s TV led to this. Play as a group of heroes who must combine their powers to defeat the forces of evil.