7d20 Cyberpunk NPCs

Art by Brandt Andrist

You’re gonna need…
One arm!
A second arm!
A pair of legs!
Something special about your head!
A style! Gotta be well dressed for Corporate World War IV
A color for those clothes!
And a second color, for a nice accent!

As always, if you’re inspired, just snap one right off the table. No need to be a slave to the dice. (I am legally required to inform you that The Dice, Dice Inc., and their founder RNGesus have never engaged in any form of forced labor. Accusations to the contrary have been found to be libel in a court of law). Also, feel free to throw in a few more d20s, especially on the Head table, if you want a particularly storied NPC. And take one free reroll on the color table on the house, but only because I hate clashing colors. The second one will cost you though.

Art by Dave Keenan

Arms and Legs

3d20Arms and Legs
1As Born
2Heavily Scarred
3Tattoo – Predator
4Tattoo – Prey Animal
5Tattoo – Domesticated Animal
6Tattoo – Sea Creature
7Tattoo – Bird
8Tattoo – Occult
9Tattoo – Landscape
10Tattoo – Religion or Myth
11Bioengineered (Strong)
12Bioengineered (Designer)
13Mass Market Cybernetics
14Industrial Grade Cybernetics (Ending in a Tool, Not a Hand)
15Cybernetic with Neurolink Jack
16Designer Cybernetics
17Scavenged Cybernetics 
18Cybernetics with Hidden Melee Weapon
19Cybernetics with Hidden Gun
20Military Grade Cybernetics


1As Born
2Heavily Scarred
3Jaw Tattoo
4Half Face Tattoo
5Full Face Tattoo
6Shaved Head
7Shaved Head, Full Tattoo
8Beautiful (Plastic Surgery)
9Beautiful (Bioengineered)
10Beautiful (Cybernetic)
11Artificial Iris Color
12Mass Market Cybernetic Eye
13Police Issue Cybernetic Eye (Infrared, UV, Database Link) 
14Cybernetic with Interchangeable Face
15Subdermal Screen, Programmable Tattoos
16Cybernetic with Hidden Gun
17Industrial Grade Mind Enhancement (Choose an Industry)
18Black Market Mind Enhancement
19Military Grade, Bulletproof
20Black Ops Mind Enhancement


3d20Style2x Colors
2Sloppy FormalOff White
3Army SurplusGrey
4Flannel and JeansBlack
51940s AmericanaMatte Black
6TrenchcoatMetallic Black
8Band GroupieBrass
9Lots of ZippersGold
13It’s Called Cyberpunk for a Reason This One’s Punk AgainGreen
15Suit and TiePurple
16Traditional ChinesePink
17Traditional JapaneseBrown
18Greco RomanLight… roll again
19BallroomDeep… roll again
20Tactical GearRoll again twice
Art by Subaku


Sergeant Pryce
Left Arm: Designer Bioengineered
Right Arm: Occult Tattoo
Legs: Designer Bioengineered
Head: Police Eye
Style: Metallic Black and Blue Tactical Gear

The beautiful man strides into the room, badge in his left hand. He announces himself as a member of Violent Crimes. Despite the chaos of the last few hours, you can’t help but stare and the perfect tone of that arm. And even his heavy tac gear can’t hide his ass. A Laurent Model. You’ve worked in this brothel… this companionship service long enough to recognize one. His parents must have loved him.
His right hand rests on a submachine gun. That arm has an art deco tattoo on it, centered around an eye. You’ve seen some strange folks from the LED district with similar tats. You wonder, is that an old tattoo from a past life, or is he still a part of that world?

Lady Wang Shu
Left Arm: Domesticated Animal Tattoo
Right Arm: Designer Cybernetic
Legs: Cybernetic (Hidden Gun)
Head: Black Market Mind Enhancements
Style: Gold and Deep Gold Traditional Chinese

Lady Wang Shu is on her way up. She’s been on her way up for 17 years, and is showing no signs of stopping. Sure, right now she only owns the one prosthetics company, and only has the one techno-cult squirming under her thumb. But when she was born, she had nothing. Her inheritance was a gold ring she pulled off the finger of her mother’s debt collector after she put a bullet through his skull, and the two limbs she lost in a savage beating. She pawned the ring, and clawed her way up from there.
Sure, some of the more dynastic socialites think she’s gaudy. But the solid gold is a statement. On her arm sits a white cat holding a single gold ring. That’s a statement too, but very few people know what it means. Wang Shu is rising, and no one on god’s chrome earth is going to stop her.

2 thoughts on “7d20 Cyberpunk NPCs

  1. Lol, I reloaded the blog reel I think a second before you posted this, went to check my emails, and saw you’d posted a new post xD

    (Actual comment and not grumble about timing coming after I read this post)


  2. not much to react to, but still good!
    I can’t help but wonder if the tat on Pryce’s arm is related to Shu’s technocult…
    But you prob never thought that far, and it’s neat nonetheless!


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