Magic The Roleplaying Game Mk II

I received a lot of positive feedback about the RPG I wrote that uses Magic TCG cards. So I’ve made some updates, including a visual overhaul. If this is the first you’re seeing of it, scroll down to the images, or get the PDF here:


  • Visual overhaul
  • Added a Useful Terms section for players unfamiliar with RPGs
  • Overhauled character creation. Now players start right out the gate with all of their card’s abilities. This makes more varied and interesting characters.
  • Clarified progression. Now gaining new abilities operates under a strongly codified system.
  • Rebalanced extra draws from the fate deck. Now you only get a single extra draw for having a matching land.
  • Added support for reactions and instant speed abilities.
  • Added Planeswalkers as deities. Gain loyalty with them on quests, and then use it for splashy effects.
  • Overhauled adventure creation. A more concrete system for generating random dungeons, with conflict and treasure baked right in.
  • Added some optional rules and more ideas for GMs that want to add more to a game.

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